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Going “Green”

The world is turning green, and not just because spring is coming. The “green” movement for energy conservation is an important step in securing our planet for the future and decreasing our negative impact on our world. Although clearly worthwhile, going “green” may seem like an expensive, daunting task. Here at Air System Services, we want to show you the benefits of sustainable HVAC and how we can help you save the earth and money. It’s easier than you may think.

An important thing to consider is that sustainable HVAC is an investment and a money-saving one in the long run. Not only are you investing in the future, but "green" HVAC will save money on your home energy costs, reduce annual maintenance costs, and will provide the best indoor air quality possible, which is an investment in your health and well-being. With all of that taken into account, you can’t afford to ignore this upgrade.

A great place to start is with energy and building modeling software, which are programs that let you create simulations of your home and HVAC system. This is a great way to be able to see how a new energy-efficient system will function in your home without first spending all of the money to get it installed.

This software is particularly valuable with new construction. At Air System Services, our design team engineers utilize programs like this to develop the most effective and efficient HVAC system to maximize the space and budget. We also use this method to direct our recommendations on products for our clients, since every home has different needs.

For commercial HVAC, these tools can be particularly helpful to managers and business owners as they try to budget energy costs. These programs allow companies to evaluate the performance of almost any kind of HVAC system while estimating energy use and analyzing potential savings. Since building systems are so complex, programs like this can be a huge help in minimizing energy expenditures.

These computer modeling programs are available through many different sources, including equipment manufacturers, like Trane. Another good resource for energy efficient recommendations is The Department of Energy website, which provides a lot of resources and information about energy conservation programs and what you can do to get started. And of course, our blog is a place where we update often with valuable articles and tips about saving money on home energy costs, paired with updates within our industry.

For homes, going green is a process we specialize in. Often, we evaluate a current HVAC system and help develop a plan for homeowners to upgrade their system without breaking the bank. We can recommend energy star products from our trusted brands, Trane, Lennox, and Honeywell. We can help prioritize your improvement process so you can make the most important changes at the right time for your family and budget.

If you would like a free consultation on how to go “green”, call us at  919-266-5755, or schedule a service online through our website.