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Troubleshooting Digital Thermostats

HVAC systems are becoming more and more high-tech, these days, and one of the most common new digital appliances is a digital thermostat. You may have noticed digital thermostats in all new construction, office buildings, and homes. Occasionally, new digital thermostats can make a simple thing quite complicated, so here are a few common issues with digital thermostats and some of the simple but overlooked solutions.

Low Batteries

Often, homeowners may choose to upgrade their thermostats on their own by simply buying the thermostat at their local hardware store and installing it in place of their older analog version. However, DIY installations rarely involve hooking the thermostat up to permanent power, or permanent power may not be available at the site of the thermostat, which would leave it running off of the batteries it came with. When battery power gets low, the display may go blank, and if you aren’t looking at the display on a regular basis, you may miss the low battery warning and be left with a non-functioning thermostat.


Some digital thermostats are programmable, and issues arise in a communal building when there are multiple people changing the thermostat to different temperatures, different settings, and different programs. When there is not a lockbox over a communal thermostat, multiple changes to the settings can cause problems with the thermostat.

Too High Tech

Now, this issue isn’t with every homeowner, but many older homeowners who update their thermostats from an old turn dial to a new touch screen may find that it is a shock to their system to be faced with the endless capabilities of a digital system. Instead of something so physical and logical, they now have capabilities they aren’t interested in and find that digital thermostats are unnecessarily complicated.

Manufacturers have begun to realize that the first generations of digital thermostats are less than user-friendly, causing more aggravation than help. Now, manufacturers are dedicated to creating products that are easy to set up and used in the home.

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