HVAC and Twitter?

Lately, it’s become impossible to ignore social media and the way it integrates our personal interests and a community of like minded people. But, what does that mean for us in the HVAC community? For a while, we wondered what business we might have with social media, specifically, Twitter. If you aren’t familiar, Twitter is a social networking site where users update a status with 140 character limit. In the past year or two, Twitter has grown to become one of the most popular social networking sites for professionals and businesses, so let’s take a look at how other HVAC professionals are using Twitter to build and participate in the HVAC community.

One great thing about Twitter is the real-time connection to industry leaders, vendors, clients and competitors. We love how @hvac_blog posts a variety of info, including free guides, job announcements, product releases, links to articles about HVAC, and more. Their info is consistently valuable and they support countless numbers of companies, businesses and products in the industry.

Speaking of products in the industry, we love when users post links to pages about new products, maintenance tips and industry related events. We follow @GoodwayMachines, and we love how they not only provide links to good info, but participate in conversation with other users interested in HVAC.

@ACHRnews is a great resource. ACHR News is a weekly magazine dedicated to the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry, and they provide lots of tweets about events, technology releases, advice and public announcements. Lately, they’ve been tweeting about the upcoming National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers annual convention in Hershey, Pa.

For us, being in the “green” industry and supporting efforts on energy conservation, we love to follow @LEEDEBOM, which is describes itself as the voice for LEED existing buildings and operations. We also love following @EnergyStarBldgs. They update with posts about companies making the switch to energy star products and cutting energy use.
Twitter has a cool feature where users can tag their posts with a hashtag and a word, which then makes it searchable for specific keywords. Try searching for #hvac, #leed, #greenbuild, #energy and other related tags to bring up all of the recent posts about these topics.

If you are interested in seeing how the hvac community is growing on Twitter, check out our Twitter page at @airsystemserv. Also check out some of the users in this post, and see who they are following in the HVAC community. The growing community of HVAC and LEED folks who are providing useful and valuable information is only getting better, so follow us today to stay connected!

Categories: Company News | Published: March 4, 2011